Kredinor donates NOK 250,000 to the relief effort in Ukraine

“Every day, we assist people facing challenging financial situations here in Norway, so we understand the importance of helping individuals in need,” says Klaus-Anders Nysteen, CEO of Kredinor. “From what we have seen, there is enormous suffering among the people of Ukraine. Of all the good organisations that are there to help, we have chosen to support the vital work of the Red Cross,” says Nysteen.

There is a great need for emergency aid in Ukraine, and the Red Cross is one of many organisations that are actively engaged on the ground and helping to meet the population’s need for life-saving assistance.
“On behalf of the Red Cross, I would like to thank everyone at Kredinor for their generous contribution to our emergency aid for those who are impacted by the war in Ukraine,” says Grete Thorsen, head of business cooperation at the Norwegian Red Cross.

The Red Cross reports that the situation in Ukraine is difficult, dangerous and chaotic. The situation is becoming worse and humanitarian needs are escalating. The Norwegian Red Cross is in Ukraine along with other Red Cross teams. They are doing all they can to help the people there. All financial support will be spent on sending people and supplies into Ukraine.

“We are happy to be able to help. Everyone can do a little, and together we can do a lot. We are impressed by the work the Red Cross is doing, and our deepest sympathies are with the people who have been impacted by this gruesome war,” says Klaus-Anders Nysteen.

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