Why Kredinor?

Kredinor is Norway’s largest debt collection company. We offer up-to-date solutions within payment follow-up and debt collection. Our aim is to ensure creditors receive what they are owed, while treating those experiencing financial difficulties with courtesy and respect.

Professional supplier of payment follow-up

In recent years, more and more clients have outsourced a larger part of their of their value chains to Kredinor. Our clients have a shared interest in Kredinor’s ability to provide professional, customer-friendly payment follow-up and debt collection solutions. In addition to debt collection, we now provide solutions encompassing billing, collection notices, ledger management and customer service. We take care of everything from payment solutions to pure customer follow-up and customer service. We can also follow up any legal action.

Profitable customer insights

In addition to a high rate of resolution through simple and customer-friendly solutions, we have an analytics department that is one of the best for customer insight in Norway. This department manages Norway’s largest customer database. By “washing” the client’s customer portfolio against this database, we can propose effective solutions for monitoring end customers until payment is made. We can also make proposals for more precise customer follow-up. This enables us to secure faster payment of outstanding amounts, boosting clients’ liquidity and providing a more predictable cash flow.

Our analysis department manages Norway's largest customer database, which enables us to provide more precise customer follow-up. This will contribute to a good customer experience and ensure your receive payment more quickly.

Simple solutions for faster payment

We are constantly working on new and user-friendly solutions. The end customer is offered these via digital letters, SMS, on kredinor.no and at My Page. The client can access these through our seamless integrations and at Kredinor Online. We also offer super easy payment solutions, through Let’s Pay for billing customers and Pay Now for debt collection customers. Both of these payment solutions provide faster payment from the end customer and a better customer experience. For example, if broadband delivery is disconnected due to non-payment, we will send a text message and the service will be reconnected less than a minute after the customer pays through Pay Now.

Closer to clients and customers

As a professional business within payment follow up and debt collection, it is Kredinor’s long-term strategy to become closer to our clients and their customers. Our business stretches all the way back to 1905. Our digital solutions makes us easily accessible through My Page, Kredinor Online and kredinor.no. Our chat robot Nora is always available. Besides this, we have skilled people at every stage – from customer service representatives, case managers and account managers to data analysts and lawyers in our legal department.

Added value through good customer care

Kredinor works continuously to provide a good customer experience for both the client and the end customer. We are competitive on price, regardless of the needs and size of the client’s business. Furthermore, we offer free courses and webinars, and have developed a comprehensive skills web with solid debt collection content. Our modern solutions make it easy to become a customer – and the implementation routines make it easy to get started as a client at Kredinor. Our clients can be confident that we are looking after both them and their customers in the best possible way.