Invoicing services

Kredinor handles the entire invoicing and payment process for a growing number of large Norwegian companies. We guide the customer through the whole payment process, from first contact until final payment. At the same time, our clients have access to the latest information about the status of the payment and their customer.

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Outsourcing brings financial benefits

Kredinor helps boost its clients’ profits through professional follow-up of the customer, from invoicing until the money has been paid into their account. We offer the fastest and most efficient invoice distribution and payment channels, such as direct debit, eInvoice, Vipps and EHF, as well as traditional methods like as paper invoice by post and e-mail. In our experience, use of digital channels results in payment arriving 3-4 days earlier than when invoices are sent by post or e-mail.

A complete customer experience

A good customer experience is central at all contact points, regardless of whether it is the client or Kredinor who is communicating with the customer. Kredinor can set up customer service either in the client’s own name or in ours. While, the most important thing for us is to ensure that customers pay what they owe, we also want them to feel satisfied with the process.

Integrated solutions are important

Kredinor offers the latest in integrated solutions, through the industry’s most up-to-date and comprehensive invoice and ledger integration with Rest-APIs. We offer the cloud solution Microsoft Azure, which makes Kredinor’s programs and channels available to clients and debtors in real time for all parts of the payment process – from invoice to payment. At the same time, it frees up time for further development and growth in the client’s own business.

Customer ledger management

When clients outsource their invoice administration to Kredinor, we also take over bookkeeping, ledger clearing, sending reminders, invoice copies, bank statements and other payment related issues. Kredinor receives payment files, maintains a full customer ledger and reconciles the account, in accordance with agreed routines. We ensure good customer contact, ongoing bank reconciliation and updated reports with an overview of all transactions, right down to the individual customer.

Reminders and debt collection notices

When the payment deadline expires, we send the debtor a reminder by agreement with our client. Although sending a reminder is voluntary, many choose to do so for the sake of good customer relations. If payment is still not forthcoming, customers are sent a debt collection notice and the case is seamlessly transferred to debt collection. We will then make a specific assessment of the case and follow it up until it is finally resolved.

Full overview and control on Kredinor Online

Customer information and payment status can be found by logging into Kredinor Online. Here you will find the communications and agreement log. Through bank reconciliation, you gain access to reports that show income statements and balance sheets, various key figures and credit analyses.

The benefits of outsourcing include a more predictable payment flow, better liquidity and a good customer experience at all contact points.

Increased value for money

In a competitive market, margins are constantly under pressure. Many of our clients see the value of leaving payment follow-up to Kredinor. This is partly because it reduces their staffing requirement, but also because they know the job will be done in a predictable, professional and customer-friendly way. Kredinor also offers simple digital payment solution: Let’s Pay for invoices and Pay Now for debt collection claims. Easier payment solutions and digital invoice distribution channels cut the time to payment, and ensure a more predictable payment flow.

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