International debt collection

No matter where you or your customers are in the world, you can be sure that Kredinor will resolve your debt collection case in a professional and efficient manner. We have a dedicated team that works with international debt collection. They have extensive experience in handling cases for our Norwegian and foreign clients.

Collection outside Sweden

Credit is the engine of the economy in the vast majority of countries. Without credit, the world stops. Lending is global and people are mobile. Debt is incurred in one country and collection must take place in another. Credit is defaulted and customers move. No matter where you or your customers are in the world, you can be sure that Kredinor resolves all assignments in a professional and efficient way.


Why choose Kredinor as a partner in international debt collection?

  • Our international department has extensive expertise. They understand international debt collection, legislation, conventions and treaties
  • We work with debt collection companies and lawyers around the world who specialize in international debt collection.
  • We are a member of the European Collectors Association (ECA), established in 1981 with one exclusive member in all European countries.
  • All members of the ECA are specialists in their country’s legislation, culture and collection measures. They all have broad linguistic competence.
  • Through our network, we find “hidden” debtors all over the world.
  • Our clients receive reports and updates on every single case we receive for processing.
  • Kredinor’s international department is your point of contact no matter where in the world collection takes place
  • We offer competitive prices on collection worldwide.
  • As a cooperative business, we are owned by our clients. When you who choose us, you become one of our owners. That gives us a special responsibility for you.
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ECA – European Collectors Association

The ECA was founded in 1981 by, among others, Kredinor. Kredinor’s CEO, Tor Berntsen, was president and chairman of the ECA for 12 years. The organization consists of one exclusive member in each European country and acts as a network for European debt collection companies. The ECA’s members meet for an annual general meeting, which contributes to good relations between the debt collection companies. The organization has a flat structure and it  is easy to access the highest management level in these companies. This helps to ensure that our cases are given high priority and the best treatment.

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