For a decade, the men’s national handball team in Norway has used an African word when they’re doing their “scrum”, finishing their time-out. They’ve come together, arms around shoulders, and shouted “Ubuntu!”. The team has used ”Ubuntu” to express their collective unity, where the team is more than the sum of individual players.

Ubuntu has a strong universal meaning. Originally Swahili, it is sometimes translated as “I am because we are” or “humanity towards others”. In the current circumstances, with war raging in Europe, I wish that we all could scrum and come together and believe in a universal bond between all humans.

In my view, a management team is more than a collection of managers. What happens in a high-performing team is pretty unique. Doing the impossible is possible when you do it with colleagues who share the same vision, values and purpose.

Mutual trust, openness, accountability and respect are key building blocks in a strong foundation where high performance is created.

I am currently in my second week at Kredinor, a company founded in 1905, so I am definitely still in learning mode. This week we will start discussing culture in Kredinor. I am very excited and curious about what I will learn.

Kredinor interacts with more thousands of customers annually, helping them deal with financial difficulties. Falling into debt can happen to anyone, but we know from all our interactions that this is a heavy burden to carry and comes with personal costs and consequences as well as shame and stigma.


My vision is that we play an important role in peoples’ lives, providing encouragement, structure, guidance and a path forward. I would love to help them navigate difficult waters. To be someone who is there in the scrum.

I believe this vision also defines our purpose. We should do everything we can to improve the situation for our customers. We don’t want to add to the burden. If we can help find a faster and better route back to financial inclusion, we will do it.

Perhaps this will be our “Ubuntu”!

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